About Snipeet
What is Snipeet?
Snipeet is a full stack talent and outsourcing marketplace focused on building modern technologies with its vast talent capabilities across all value-creating touch-points in enterprises, SMBs and start-ups to unlock growth, boost workforce performance, improve cost efficiency through streamlined design and software development timelines to elevate product quality, and accelerate time to market.

Our Services
Consultation service
We offer series of solutions across idea conceptualization, product planning, product design all through to development stages. We create sales, marketing, and strategic system, with go-to-market strategies. An expert on our team will work with you to understand your goals, technical needs, and team dynamics.
How we help you stand out from the crowd
Request to complete any task
Complete your most pressing work with Snipeet Task Request. Supercharged by our vetting and matching platform, the task is delegated to the best talent specialists, so You get what you Pay for with a 100% guarantee.
Hire a Snipeet talent
Supercharged by our vetting and matching software, Snipeet allows companies to use our talent specialist’s curation shortlist they need but don’t have to augment and supplement their existing IT, product management, sales, and marketing teams, and more.
Become a Talent
Snipeet provides Talents with new ways to earn money from anywhere in the world, by providing on demand services like conceptualizing and building any product or service project, innovating, and initiating go to market strategies and more.
Development as a Service (Daas)
When bootstrapping your idea, we hardly have enough funding, so we put off importance things which delays the development process.
Snipeet Development as a Service (Daas) subscription model allows the opportunity to build your software product with its vast talent pool at your own pace and budget regardless of what stage of development your project is with a few clicks provided it aligns with Snippet minimum weekly spend.

Talent you can trust
Every individual on the Snipeet team has gone through a rigorous vetting process. We personally speak to every applicant to verify their identity, check references, and ensure they have the proven experience to drive your business forward.
Snipeet services largely revolve around pioneering new revolutionary ideas and businesses with technology. We use rapid conceptualization, re-inventing launch, and scale. Our talents target deeply rooted customer pain points—including those stemming from the ongoing COVID-19 crisis—to uncover new profit pools through design thinking

Our talent includes a diverse team of innovators, entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, product specialists, data scientists, operators, growth architects, and seasoned founders.

Explore the many tailored solutions where Snipeet will assist your start-up and businesses succeed through deeper team collaboration.

Our Expertise
New business initiatives
Idea conceptualization
Brand Growth
Technology and Innovation
Quality Assurance and Testing
Marketing Technology
What's great about Snipeet?
Get response within 24hrs
We provide convenience by helping clients delegate tasks to the right talent to simplify productivity and team collaboration.
Keep up-to-date and on-the-go with our time tracker.
Track progress
We improve cost efficiency through streamlined communication, design to development timelines, elevate product quality, and accelerate time to market.
Cost efficiency
We're always here to help. Our support consists of real people who are available 24/7.
24/7 support
You can live chat with your talent and ask questions to get constant updates on the progress of your work.
Live chat
Sign a Snipeet non-disclosure agreement that establishes a confidential relationship with you. All sensitive information or trade secrets that we obtain during conversation will not be made available to any others.
Feel confident to share your project
Share files via the Snipeet client portal manage all business flow and operation.
All in one solution
Supercharged by our vetting and matching platform, the task is delegated to the best talent specialists, so You get what you Pay for with a 100% guarantee.
Pay for quality
Snipeet team is a curation of critical thinkers, designers, product designers, engineers, manufacturing engineers, and structural designers, with diverse backgrounds to create exceptional design solutions across the globe. Our collective thought process works to design world-class solutions, conceptualize ideas across digital and physical products, build businesses, and grow brands.

Our combined effort goes beyond, we consider every aspect of the user experience, from seamless functionality, beautiful aesthetics, intuitive interfaces, to inspiring packaging & presentation. Material selection, manufacturing costs, and supply efficiency are also of key importance to ongoing product and business success. We combine an understanding of users through market research, a proven design process from concept to detailed design, and technical expertise in engineering and manufacturing to deliver great products.

Get work done in these categories
Web Development

Programming and Software

Design and Art

Mobile development



QA and testing

Human Resources (HR)

Sales and Marketing

Accounting and Consulting

Admin Support

Customer Service

Data Science & Analytics

Engineering & Architecture

IT & Networking



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