Design and Launch of a New Product or Service

Snipeet design experts help clients identify the elements that matter most to their customers. Based on a clear understanding of unmet customer needs, we conceptualize, envisage, define, prototype, and test the desired future experience.
Mobile App & Web | UX & UI
Our end-to-end mobile app and web development service take a user-centered design approach to achieve intuitive and effective customer experiences.

The stakes have been raised when it comes to how businesses deliver on their customer promise. As people have become accustomed to apps that are easy and entertaining to use in their everyday lives, they are also expecting nothing less from the businesses that they associate with them.
Snipeet works with businesses and start-ups from their initial idea stage through to the design, development, and full performance support to achieve the best outcomes.
Businesses need to deeply consider how user experience (UX) is factored into every aspect of the user interface (UI) design of their apps.
Our Approach
Mobile app and web

Snipeet complete, end-to-end mobile app and web development service start from idea conceptualization to a finished product ready to be launched. this includes back-end infrastructure and complex system integration.
Application performance analytics and management

We work with our clients beyond implementation, offering support, maintenance, and performance improvement.
UX and UI

We take a user-centered design approach that achieves an intuitive and effective customer experience.
Experience is the new competitive advantage
How customers and employees engage with websites and applications makes a big difference in the relationship they have with organizations. In the past, having the most features was a differentiator but today, the measure of success is how engaging the software is, and how easily it enables employees and customers to accomplish their objectives. There is a greater understanding of the importance of customer experience, but still plenty of ways to get it wrong.

Analyst studies have conclusively proven that companies that bring a dedicated and thoughtful approach to designing their products around verified customer needs outperform their competitors by double digits.

Experience-Driven Design
Impactful brands, products and services used by millions of people every day.
Building progressive new brands and helping reposition the world’s most prominent companies through experience design
Snipeet global Experienced Design team comprises designers, creatives, strategists, researchers, and experienced technologists with a series of record of innovation.
Our Approach
Design thinking

We excel at spotting where innovation in customer experience hasn’t already happened. Our teams apply Design Thinking principles and practical delivery with customer obsession to solve the most complex challenges. We help our clients lead their category, not follow.
Computational design

We find ways to deliver certain expressions of design that are improved by automation. ‘Brand’ today means the accumulation of thousands of interactions with a customer. Technology accelerates the pace of those interactions and increases the chance of a leading cause of loss of engagement: incoherence. We help our clients transform their start-up or business at speed.
Brand & experience

We reconnect brand and customer to form distinctive interactions that outperform competitors. Utility and immediacy of service alone is no longer a marker for success. Meaningful, long-term customer engagement is not brief exclamations, nor is it solely about path-of-least-effort, but the design that balances both utility and differentiation to avoid a leading cause of low brand affinity: digital monotony.
A collaborative approach bridges business and IT objectives
Over the past few years, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of the user experience. Many businesses have begun paying lip service, without applying any real rigor or expertise to the process. Snipeet has a dedicated Experience-Driven Design series of practices and has helped world-class brands drive tangible changes in the quality of their applications with experience-focused processes, tools, and deliverables. We bridge the gap between business vision and IT objectives.
Snipeet Offers
User research
Interviews and provide unexpected insights into user context, behaviours, and tasks.
Persona definition and usage scenarios
Personas humanize our customers by clarifying their needs and objectives; scenarios remind us of how and why they use our software.
Experience prototypes
Rapid iteration using prototyping tools yields fast, cheap adjustments.
Design system development
Integrate design standards with templates and re-usable code libraries through the development of a comprehensive design system.
Results you can rely on
Increased Stakeholder Consensus

Broader User Adoption

Faster Time to Market

More Durable Applications

Engaging Customer Experience
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