Marketing Technology

As marketing becomes hugely digital businesses need sophisticated platforms with less complicated integrations and challenging workflows to reach and impact consumers.

Snipeet Marketing Services provides industry expertise to help align your vision and strategic technical services

Our services include project management, business, and technical analysis, architecture and code development, testing, and post-production maintenance and support. With more than two decades of executing based on marketing goals, best practices, and the latest industry standards, we bring proficiency, maturity, and expertise which exceeds our competition.
Align Digital, social and Marketing
Snipeet Marketing Services bridge IT and marketing gaps
Our digital marketing services are collaborative industry thought leader with decades of experiences
We enable innovation and creativity.

We increase efficiency, decrease time to market, and reduce costs.

We understand and ensure that security, compliance, and legal standards are ingrained in processes and followed by marketing teams.

Snipeet Marketing Services delivers digital marketing services via multiple platforms.
Marketing Platform Implementation and Integration
Including customer relationship management, websites, portals, mobile applications, social media, and technical delivery of marketing creative vision and utilization of frameworks, reusable components, and scalable solutions
Web Site Architecture, Implementation, and Managed Services
Thousands of global, mobile, multilingual websites built from the ground up
Content Management System Implementation and Managed Services
(CMS) multiple and single installations including Sitecore, Teamsite, Drupal, WordPress, EpiServer, Kentico, etc.
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