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Growth is usually one of the top agendas in any size Company. targeting aggressive growth strategies with new technologies and evolving customer needs while understanding sector convergence and the changing regulations. However, attaining this is extremely challenging – with many businesses unable to achieve or sustain their growth ambitions
Experience suggests that this may be the result of:
Unrealistic growth objectives driving an undeliverable strategy

A failure to consider implementation capabilities and bandwidth to execute

Leadership team misalignment

Lack of stakeholder support

An inability to evolve and innovate in response to changing market and customer requirements.

How Snipeet can help
Our approach to driving step by step - growth with top performance addresses issues such as:
access new and unmet revenue and profit pools

profitably enter new markets and segments in a short timeframe

develop and commercialise innovative products or service to grow

attract new customers and enhance loyalty.

This approach is based on identifying and implementing a prioritised set of growth platforms that will enable clients to achieve their growth ambitions. This distinctive approach is designed to bring benefits for clients:
Connects related opportunities, driving internal collaboration and efficiency.

Builds up insight and enables scaled investment over time, as one opportunity leads to another.

Provides multiple routes to achieve targets and mitigates the risk of setbacks with diversified portfolios of opportunities – if one idea falters, the platform remains strong.

Provides a realistic plan

Curated insights
We curate the best experiences to deliver industry and emerging technology insights packaged into relevant and compelling points of view.
Holistic strategies that stick
Our birds-eye view approach with blue sky thinking delivers a compelling competitive strategy and aligned operating model to drive superior value creation.
Strategic plans
We define and develop strategic plans and support to create sustainable value for our clients so they can deliver on their growth and transformative ambitions.
Innovation to results
Snipeet leverages innovative capabilities to develop an integrated implementation plan to achieve our client’s ambition.
Operating Strategy & Cost
With ever-increasing customer expectations, rapid market and technological change, disruptions from new entrants, businesses are being forced to continually re-evaluate their business models and how they create additional value on day to day basis.
Snipeet supports clients in identifying and delivering rapid performance. We target the key value in the business, leaving no stone unturned in our pursuit of top-line revenue growth and cost savings to enhance bottom-line profitability.
Digital Strategy
Realise the value of your digital transformation journey and create an operating model that drives productivity and exceptional client experiences.
Change is constant in today’s business

While some businesses are happily embracing the latest digital technologies and disrupting traditional business models, many are struggling to anticipate and keep up with trends. For some businesses being on top of these ever-changing disruptive trends is increasingly essential.

It is vital to fully understand the risks and complex challenges involved, while constantly asking how digital technology can drive transformative growth and help your business gain a competitive advantage.

How we can help
Snipeet Digital Strategy team can help you to enhance the experience of your customers, operational productivity, and collaboration by leveraging the latest digital technologies.

Snipeet can also help you transform your operating model and value chains to improve benefits from the use of digital technologies for your customers, employees, and shareholders.

Snipeet Digital Strategy professionals have extensive experience of working with business and technical leaders across financial services, retail, technology, media, telecommunications, consumer markets, government, education, and healthcare organizations.

We can assist you with:
vision and strategy development

omnichannel transformation planning and implementation across business cases

operating model review and design
business model design

product retention, reviews, and maturity assessments

loyalty program management
Customer, Brand & Marketing Advisory
Snipeet helps Start-up and businesses achieve sustainable growth in today’s dynamic market by putting customer outcomes at the center of every decision.
To achieve sustainable growth in today’s dynamic marketplace, customer satisfaction must be at the center of every business decision. Customer preferences are rapidly changing and the bar on expectations is continuously being raised.

Snipeet talents are helping Customer, Brand & Marketing specialize to achieve a ‘customer first’ agenda to drive desired financial and operational outcomes. We help businesses deliver the transformative activities required to achieve customer-centricity, enabling the creation of more positive real-time experiences, coupled with increased economic value.

We can work with you to understand relevant market developments, assist you to frame your strategy and transformational roadmap for the future, and establish an effective and efficient setup – all of which help make it clear what your business stands for when it comes to customer-centricity.

We bring these solutions forward in a pragmatic way, defining plans for growth, cost-to-serve, and the business cases required to deliver them. We understand the science behind informing these decisions, bringing them to fruition with our real-world operational expertise.

Our talented team can offer specialised help with:
Customer Strategy & Experience
Dynamic and rapid change is required to meet customers' future demands. We conceptualize, design, and implement support across customer strategy and experiences. We will work with you to – define your customer strategy to balance growth, profitability, and efficiency objectives; design customer journeys from back to front to back, meaning we envision the future best experiences, then implement them today. We also join the internal and external value chain, with customer-centric principles; and improve core end-to-end business processes to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency.
Brand & Marketing
Business brand leaders have a significant responsibility to consistently deliver and innovate their brand message in today’s rapidly changing consumer-centric industry. We will work with you to enhance your marketing functions online and offline while understanding the link between customer, brand, and marketing. Our talented team of experts leverages leading global practices to advise on brand strategy, consumer insight, media transparency, marketing integration, speed of change, and new technologies, creating meaningful customer influence and marketing spend accountability.
Brand Valuation
Big businesses are acutely aware of the value and importance of their brand, and the need to invest in enhancing it. But the challenge comes in understanding where best to direct the investment. To address this challenge, we have developed Snipeet Brand Valuator, a unique approach that measures a 360° view of a brand’s value. This approach delivers a qualitative assessment of the key areas a brand should focus on.
Marketing & Sales Transformation
Consumer behaviours are driving a fundamental shift in how organizations sell and engage with their customers. We support the enhanced investment in sales and marketing by working with you to become more operationally focused, remodeling your functions to handle new processes, new technologies, enhanced data analysis, and financial accountability. We can help you to identify and build new business partnerships and marketing and sales operations; develop distribution channels that are future-proofed for digital disruption; and evaluate sales and marketing data technology, customer loyalty, and customer service effectiveness.

Snipeet Customer Intelligence
We combine deep market research experience, social media analysis, and advanced data analytics to enable evidence-based decisions. Our team of research specialists designs initiatives that lead to evidence-based decisions which inform, develop and execute an effective customer strategy that can help to drive growth.
Focused on providing advice that can help empower clients to drive real business outcomes from their customer strategy, our talented team has in-depth experience beyond providing research and data to clients. We deliver a full-stack development team to bring any idea concept to a finished product.

Snipeet works with clients to provide customer experience and related innovative consultancy on business development, branding, digital interface, physical space design, and omnichannel experience. Our evidence-based design approach fuses human-centered design, brand strategy, and emerging decision sciences, such as behavioural economics and neuroscience, to deliver transformative creative thinking. Our collaborative models engage our clients to maximize the range of creative ideas generated. The result is customer experiences that are compellingly differentiated.

Design Thinking & Innovation
Framing real customer issues requires new and innovative ways of thinking. businesses need to become more agile in their problem-solving to frame customer issues and use creative approaches to innovate. Working with our talented team, you will clarify your vision and strategy; explore the development of new business models; experience new ways of working; develop new products and services, experiences, and brands; whilst keeping your team at the leading edge of design thinking and innovation. With hands-on training by experts. We will work closely with you to keep your team at the leading edge of design thinking and innovation.

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