About Snipeet
Snipeet is a full stack talent and outsourcing marketplace with experienced and forward-thinking entrepreneurs, professionals, designers, engineers, developers, marketers and sales, business analysts, product managers, content writers, and more with vast specialized global knowledge.

A full-stack is a managed marketplace like the Uber business model. Where drivers are vetted and qualified by Uber and you trust Uber to provide you with the best driving experience. We also take the same approach by removing the hassle of going through the traditional freelance and outsourcing sites sorting through thousands of talents and companies not knowing who to trust to handle your project. We take your idea or project from you, delegate it to our vetted Snipeet talented team best suited for your project.

Want to bring your passion to life, Challenge your idea into a successful concept? Or You want to get your task done?
Our focus is building idea conceptualization, product planning, product design all through to development stages. We also create sales, and marketing systems to improve our client business.
We combine modern technologies with talent capabilities across all value-creating touchpoints in enterprises, SMBs and start-ups to unlock growth, boost workforce performance, improve cost efficiency through streamlined design to development timelines, elevate product quality, and accelerate time to market.
Vision statement
We Envision shaping the new reality- the new web 2.0. we forecast digital economy expansion across chains of effect. We identify operational & technological deficiencies in the idea conceptualization, planning, development & delivery of solutions. We intend to improve this by putting a strategic focus on complex communication and product development challenges, access to an infinite pool of talents globally with world-class experiences, authenticity & integrated perspectives.
Mission statement
We are passionate about helping make dreams come true by empowering people and businesses to connect their inner passion and creativity to foster the creation of new innovative ideas or features. We are on a mission to teach one billion people how to make a living doing what they love over the next decade.
Our Focus
Our focus is to combine modern technologies with human capabilities across all the value-creating touchpoints in enterprises, SMBs, and start-ups to unlock growth, boost workforce performance, improve cost efficiency, elevate product quality, and accelerate time to market. To provide end-to-end technological and strategical guidance that will help you navigate from offline to online within ambitious timelines. We will deploy custom digital solutions grounded in your unique needs to your essential business functions, for example, Snipeet talent management to expedite talent vetting, to daily operations to reduce redundant manual communication, to inventory management to increase on-time delivery efficiency amidst others. We are aiming to devise digital capabilities for the high-impact use cases across different functions.
Values are defining characteristics in a person as much as they are in an organization such as ours. It underpins everything we do, every day, and it’s the basis upon how other people judge us.

We believe in demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainable, responsible, honest, and transparent business practices. Our highly collaborative and innovative approach turns ideas into viable businesses, helping clients achieve a rich competitive edge and fluency. Our forward-thinking, practical approach turns decisions into action.

It is because of these that we must clearly define the values we choose to follow and use them to inspire and to be inspired.
Our Values
Team member engagement
Our team members are our most valuable resource. We strive to attract, develop, motivate, and retain the best team members — and collaborate across businesses and functions to serve clients. We want to be the employer of choice — a place where people feel included, valued, and supported, everyone is respected, and we work as a team.
Risk management
While working to set the global standard in managing all forms of risk, we want to serve clients’ needs and protect their assets, information, and privacy.
What’s right for our client
We place our Clients at the center of everything we do. We want to exceed their expectations and build relationships that last a lifetime.
We’re committed to the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and principled performance. We do the right thing, in the right way, and hold ourselves accountable.
Diversity and inclusion
We value and promote diversity and inclusion in all aspects of business and at all levels. Success comes from inviting and incorporating diverse perspectives.
We’re all called to be leaders. We want everyone to lead themselves, lead the team, and lead the business — in service to our clients, communities, team members, and shareholders.
Doing what we promise when we promise to our clients and each other. We must always be willing and able to help when the need arises, not just when it suits us.
We will always treat everyone involved in our business with respect.
Shareholder value
We want to deliver long-term value for shareholders through a balanced business model, strong risk discipline, efficient execution, and a world-class team.
Corporate citizenship
We make a positive contribution to communities through philanthropy, advancing diversity and inclusion, creating economic opportunity, and promoting environmental sustainability.
We operate on the verge of individual differences with a shared purpose. Our autonomous talents understand our core values and through each behavior foster and reinforce a creative, collaborative, and open culture. We believe in lifelong learning, team democracies, in being inclusive and diverse. All of which comes together to help see and do more which in turn brings valuable difference to the communities and the world.
Our Culture
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