Technology and Innovation

Snipeet challenges opportunities to achieve growth by Creating lasting value with technological innovation

Technology can drive innovation, transform your business model, open new markets, create new sales channels, enhance customer loyalty and attract new customers. Businesses success relies on the development of a comprehensive technology strategy, one that can respond to the fluid nature of competing opportunities and risks.
The innovation moment
As we continue to outmanoeuvre the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, companies must build the "next normal". Companies can use innovative technologies to identify new ways to reach consumers and build resilience. Snipeet innovative capabilities can help craft a long-term vision, while building tomorrow’s competitive advantage.

Customers, employees, and the market have all changed forever due to the pandemic. Ambitious companies won’t try to build a bridge to the past, but instead embrace the disruption and use their investments to design a new future.

Technological innovation is no longer a "nice to have" but a strategic imperative that is a vital part of decisions being made today. With the right approach, companies can use innovative technologies to create rapid response today, shape the journey to the future, and set tomorrow’s standard.
Innovative Strategy
Where should you play in order to win? Build an innovative strategy based on insights about real people, with expert help.


1.Identify and size opportunities
Explore people’s needs, desires, and challenges in different moments to uncover opportunities for long-term growth.

2. Tap into trends
Future-proof your business: align your portfolio and innovation strategy with the size and shape of future demand.

3. Win with innovation
Use our insights and expert assistance throughout your innovative journey to develop and launch winning innovations.

4. Measure and improve
Do your innovations attract new shoppers to your brand? Understand category impact, by measuring incrementality
Our approach
Snipeet helps our clients navigate an increasingly complex technology landscape. We help our clients generate the confidence to make choices that can achieve growth and to better understand and manage the challenges and opportunities inherent in technology.

We understand that the pace and breadth of technological change can be daunting for start-up and business owners, for this reason, Snipeet provides clarity, direction, and support.

We help to entrench robust strategic and operational improvements, including the transformation of your digital capabilities, design, and implementation of contemporary operating models, and analysis and assessment of your technology systems to enhance your performance. Snipeet understands how to deliver true business value from current and emerging technologies.

At the same time, we work with you to mitigate and manage technology risks, whether this relates to governance issues around the use of social media or to guarding against the ever-evolving nature of cyber and information security threats. We can help your business to properly prepare for future shocks.

Our technology talents have considerable experience in all industries and sectors, working with business and technical leaders across financial services, retail, technology, media, telecommunications, consumer markets, education, and healthcare organizations.

We also draw on our extensive national and global resources to ensure our advice and offerings are cutting edge and tailored to each client’s unique needs.
Seize the Space with Data & AI
We’re on the brink of a world powered by the algorithmic. It’s a future where businesses translate data into productivity, optimized supply chains, and next-generation customer experience with the power of AI. But to implement AI, businesses must first understand where it can genuinely add value. Snipeet recognizes even the first step can be challenging. We help your business get future-ready by accelerating your understanding of AI. Our talented team will support in building strategies and a roadmap that takes your start-up or business from discovery to world-class solutions.
Convert your data into insight
Equip your business to flourish by finding real value in your data

Data is a great hidden resource that flows, largely untapped, through major businesses. Snipeet data Analytics can convert a large volume of information into valued insight. The advancement in data science enables us to uncover hidden patterns, connections that link to human behaviour and business outcomes. Historical, real-time, and predictive data insights can drive better decision-making at every level, from individual customer encounters to high-level strategy.

Snipeet talents can build rich analytics solutions into your business processes, opening better ways to do business, closer relationships with customers, and all-around competitive agility.

A collaborative approach bridges business and IT objectives
Enterprise Strategy & Roadmap
An algorithmic enterprise is enabled by the right technology and platforms. Our team works with organizations to bring data and AI to life now while establishing a path to the next. We qualify high-value AI opportunities, assess data and AI readiness, and put your roadmap in action
Successful AI initiatives are built on stakeholder confidence. We work with our clients to confirm architecture and technology choices, assess concept and solution ideas and create a test environment to reduce solution risks.
A stalled data and AI program is an all too common scenario. We holistically manage implementation programs. From building state-of-the-art AI platforms to integrating AI solutions into business and customer workflow, our team can expand POCs to broader solutions with specific objectives and requirements. We design, build and test the earliest solutions so desired outcomes are achieved faster.
Self-Sufficient AI Operating Model
Sustainable data and AI success is built on knowledge. We ensure our clients stand up to their own capability. We create an AI center of excellence, provide executive and leadership training, and establish processes for sustained effectiveness.
Our strong partnerships with leading companies, research labs, AI pioneers, and universities give us insight about what’s next.
The world has changed by the advent of mobile. And its adoption continues at an exponential rate. That’s why companies need to find a partner that can shape their mobile strategy holistically, helping them realize the goal of building not only great products but also incredible user experiences, as well. The approach for building, testing, and maintaining mobile apps must be seamless to ensure the delivery of the best mobile solution possible.
Continuous delivery ensures continuous success
Snipeet understands nothing happens in a vacuum. That’s why we employ a smarter strategic mobile approach that gives you the necessary expertise and tools to securely and reliably mobilize your business processes by bringing your project from idea conceptualization to implementation, which including:
Mobile strategy development

Mobile product development and app realization

Custom mobile application development

Enterprise architecture

Data management and change management
Snippet continuous-delivery approach automates the software-delivery process, eliminating all waste and helping you realize "concept to revenue" in a fraction of the time. It’s all about smarter engagement for better outcomes.
Snipeet mobile strategies are effective
With hundreds of world-class mobile solutions already delivered, our methodology speaks for itself. To turn your ideas into reality, we start with the latest technologies coupled with industry best practices to find the most cost-effective path developed for multiple platforms.
Snipeet talent – begin with the end in mind
We always start with end result then work our way backward, ensuring nothing is missed along the way. From concept to design to implementation to go to market, our attention to detail means our mobile business processes and applications always enhance your core business operations, communications, and customer experience.

Snipeet builds Mobile technology that lets you easily engage directly with your customers, accelerate business cycles, increase productivity, reduce operating costs, and increase reach from your business. By focusing holistically on your business objectives, Snipeet pragmatic approach to mobile development equips you with the best solutions to drive the results you need.
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