Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality is analysed by businesses planning to undertake major IT or transformation initiatives or forecast accelerated growth trends. Quality issues hold companies back when operating expenses are higher than the competition. Many businesses know that their software development quality is not what it should be but aren’t sure where to start to improve their speed to market and reduce defects. App-development owners tend to look at pieces of the puzzle such as different approaches to testing rather than considering quality holistically.
Snipeet begins with a quality lifecycle approach
Our quality-management approach emphasizes that you can’t test quality into applications, but you instead need to build quality into the product and application-delivery lifecycle from the start. Snipeet enables clients to get the highest value by customizing proven lifecycle approaches to a client’s specific business needs, environment, and culture. By reinforcing consistent execution good practices and accurate measurements and metrics, Snipeet helps enable a predictable level of quality - one that increases overall operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Snipeet Quality Assurance and Testing services consider quality across the entire lifecycle regardless of delivery methodology. We help clients achieve higher quality through a combination of quick wins and incremental improvements, all while targeting long-term strategic goals. Snipeet reusable templates, methods, and accelerators refined through hundreds of real-world engagements and frameworks to promote speed, reuse, ease of maintenance, and rapid defect isolation, Snipeet ensures measurable results and a focus on continuous improvement.
Test Optimization
For businesses that are fine-tuning their software development life cycles to build business-ready applications, test optimization can pay dividends by significantly increasing the efficiency of testing processes.

Snipeet unique methodology for optimized testing drives higher ROI

Snipeet Test Model are proven methods for deriving optimized realistic circumstances. The Test Model applies knowledge that “lives” in test cases and scripts. A technique used for achieving maximum test coverage with the minimum number of test cases
Three Step Test Optimization and automation benefits:
Conditional Test Model
Unique mapping from requirements to test which leads to more effective test coverage

Flexible coverage footprints allow rapid re-planning when release content shifts, accelerating testing

Isolates defects faster for quicker repair and zero defects released into production, reducing operational costs

Maintenance is reduced by 65% – 85%
Optimal Pathing
Reduction in product development costs drive more competitive pricing

Speed to market accelerated 25% to 50%

Better process reduces defects entering production for improved product quality, user satisfaction and brand image

Modular Rapid automation
Plug and play framework to automate efficient coverage

Designed to quickly address your needs while providing more accurate, robust, and efficient coverage

Low-maintenance shared libraries and repositories designed for high re-use

Development and quality assurance teams can increase both the speed and accuracy of testing processes, and a business IT department can achieve a higher ROI from software projects while reducing risk.
Snipeet Test Optimization approach provides huge benefits
An accelerated time to market

Shorter test cycle time leads to lower resources and cost savings

Maximum test coverage with minimum number of test cases

Lower test maintenance efforts and costs

We assure your testing initiative establishes quality as a foundation for your development processes. Snipeet talented quality assurance professionals, process-improvement expertise, and pragmatic approaches to software testing help clients realize the return on investment for your application initiatives.
Snipeet brings quality assurance and testing expertise
Quality Assurance and Testing
There’s no substitute for quality. Especially when it comes to software development. Most companies understand the important role quality plays in the process, but they just aren’t sure where to start. They’re looking for a solution that can help them move beyond current issues, like slow and unpredictable technology delivery, finding too many bugs in production despite current testing and having legacy production environments not known to all development teams.
Snipeet focuses on Quality software development lifecycle solution
Snipeet Quality Assurance and Testing is all about the holistic approach, embodying a wide range of services that enable clients to conceptualize and envision, transform, operate, and optimize their quality-assurance and testing. We empower you to get the highest value by customizing proven lifecycle approaches to your specific business needs, environmental, and cultural. By reinforcing consistent execution, best practice, and innovative and targeted approaches to testing, Snipeet delivers a predictable level of quality that increases overall operational efficiency and effectiveness.

By producing a unique combination of quality and cost-effectiveness, our Quality Assurance and Testing solution brings together consistent added value, strategy, process, and governance to deliver an innovative solution that exceeds expectations.

Quality assurance and test assessment and strategy definition

Test advisory and consulting services

Test centre of excellence setup and management

Test optimization

Performance and automation engineering

Ready-to-use innovative test solutions and frameworks

Specialized testing services in emerging areas such as mobile, business intelligence and agile
Revolutionize your approach to quality
Identify solutions to problems affecting testing and product development

Align test maturity and industry best practices with your specific quality needs

Select best methods across the lifecycle in support of quality and cost controls

Improve productivity and effort savings up to 10 percent year on year

Reduce total cost of operations up to 20 percent

Attain effort saving of 20 percent through the creation of modularized reusable test assets

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