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Every company is a technology company—if it is not now, it will be. Technology is driving monumental change across businesses and is fundamentally changing their business models: Hardware companies are discovering new revenue streams in software; manufacturing companies are digitizing their businesses, and legacy financial services institutions are transforming into virtual banks/mobile payment companies.

Companies are currently facing a multitude of pressures—5G, big data, etc. As they try to strengthen their brands and uncover new sources of revenue. Companies that evolve into innovative platforms and build an agile culture will deliver data-powered experiences and achieve stronger online and offline engagement that is tailored to customers’ unique needs

Snipeet has advised some of the most innovative software, internet, and tech start-up and companies. We maintain close relationships with the technological trends and practices around the world and investments from top venture capital and private equity firms, helping the next generation of industry leaders.
Our global software team provides comprehensive strategy, marketing, and sales guidance to support our client's growth ambitions. We have helped them with packaging strategy, transitioning to new monetization, or licensing models, new product launch strategy, discounting guidelines, customer retention, channel partner program design, and sales force effectiveness.

Our clients benefit from our rich collective of industry benchmarks, our mix of consulting talents, and our extensive experience with all kinds of projects.

Internet and Tech
Snipeet has worked with several online businesses that sell directly to consumers or leverage consumer traffic to sell to other businesses. We understand the market pressures and the rapidly changing competitive environment in this industry, with its low barriers to entry. We also understand that online companies have a unique opportunity to track customer behaviour and monetize that information to provide a better user experience and extract premium product value.

Our client has included packaging strategy, optimizing monetization models, new product launch strategy, value-based customer segmentation, customer loyalty and retention, and online and direct sales support.

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