Brand Growth

Snipeet Positions your brand correctly for growth. Identifies and seizes opportunities, makes your brand stands out, and measures what matters.

Winning brands stand for something: they are meaningful, salient, and continually evolving. Our insights and expert teams can help your brand find sustained growth in a changing world.
Our approach
Do you know where your growth will come from?
To grow sustainably, you need to have a clear view of the changing marketplace. You also need to nurture a consistent, powerful, and emotional connection between your brand and its audiences. We help you plan and activate your brand’s growth strategy, monitoring and optimizing your performance.
We also show you the who, what, where, when, and why of demand, reframing your view of the evolving market, directing your strategy, and informing your tactics.

Market & Category Understanding
We help Build and grow your brand through a deep understanding of the market and category you operate in, with Snipeet insights.
Understand the functional, identity and emotional needs in your market and how best to access them.
Identify unmet needs and opportunities for growth
We track the global consumer market to give us insight on their household’s shopping behaviours.
Access deep insights from consumer panels
Identify and effectively target the most valuable segments and find new opportunities for growth.
Smart segmentation
Snipeet insights lets you Keep track of your progress around market trends, competitor activity and marketing effectiveness.
Measure, benchmark and optimise
Brand Strategy
Trust the experts at Snipeet, and their wealth of market insights, to develop a compelling strategy for your brand.
Strong brands are relevant and connect to the needs and emotions of shoppers and consumers. We can help.
Understand your audience
Build an irresistible brand that will give you a competitive advantage, with our unique frameworks and tools.
Create a strong brand
Every touchpoint should be aligned to a consistent ambition, and your brand should resonate with customers and employees.
Deliver a consistent brand experience
Stay focused on the strategic elements that deliver growth. Snipeet helps you access brand impact against the right KPIs
Measure results
Human & Cultural Insight
Values and cultural shifts sit behind everything we think and do. Interact with culture in a way that helps you grow.
Identify the truths, tensions, and opportunities in culture and society where a brand purpose can drive the most impact.
Get to the core of human truths and cultural tensions
Bring a brand purpose, or innovation idea, to life in a way that is culturally relevant, distinctive, and localised.
Connect your brand purpose with local culture
View a brand’s equity in culture via social media, and build a user-generated view of how great content should look.
Analyse brand and user-generated visual content at scale
Brand Purpose & Positioning
Grow your brands with a clear purpose, a differentiated and consistent positioning, and a plan for activating these.
Do you have a purposeful brand... with an experience to match?
Define what your brand stands for in a way that connects meaningfully with people, by matching human needs to the unique capabilities of your business. We can help you create impact through different brand touchpoints, and by inciting internal teams and external partners behind your purpose in ways that drive growth. We can also help you deliver the experience that the brand promises.
How we help
Uncover the functional, identity, and emotional needs of your target audience, and how best to access them.
Understand the market
Evaluate your brand and the competition on our proven principles of irresistibility, and via consumer stories.
Develop an irresistible brand
Use our data, insights and expertise to find the right direction for your brand, and bring the purpose to life.
Activate your brand purpose
Rely on our long-term brand guidance system to track purpose-related KPIs, and optimise your approach.
Measure the impact
Consumer, Shopper & Retail
Digital disruption and rising customer expectations are creating unforgiving markets where loyalty is hardly won and easily lost. If organisations can’t deliver what customers want, when and where they want it, the customers will go to someone who can. But there is no point in creating a breakthrough customer experience if the new business model runs at a loss.

Snipeet offers services that can help businesses achieve profitable, sustainable growth through customer-centric thinking. It’s all about getting close to your customers and staying and knowing precisely what they want.

Snipeet Creates an efficient and effective retail strategy. We Understand shoppers deeply and make the most of traditional and emerging retail channels.

In a fast-changing retail environment, staying close to shoppers and using different channels is crucial. With the rise of digital commerce and new go-to-market models, we can help brands and retailers manage and evolve instantly.

Engage with your customers on their terms. Become a more customer-centric and profitable business.
Our approach
Snipeet Captures the most detailed picture of what consumers really do: what they watch, what they eat, what they buy, where, when, and how often they buy, which brands they buy, at what price, and why. Through our consumer panels, we identify the retailers, people, occasions, categories, and trends that will generate sustainable growth for the future, to help you seize the right opportunities.
Do you know how, why and where your consumers buy and use your products?
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