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Innovations processes are never urgent in nature: they are thought of as something to be implemented in the long run. You can spend one year talking about an innovative idea and by the end of the year; you have nothing to show for it. This is because other immediate matters arise every now and then. and you keep postponing the conceptualization and implementation of your idea. The Snipeet Subscription model allows you to set series of innovative meetings every week with the Snipeet team. With time, you will see some progress, building your idea or business will not be interrupted by other processes. These little added values will make your idea not be forgotten.
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Many retailers are rich in data but have yet to harness the power of it to drive customer satisfaction. Snipeet helps prioritize digital efforts as part of an adaptable retail strategy that is more responsive to customer needs than ever before. Snipeet also guides retailers looking to create new sources of growth—whether through a digital or physical product, a start-up looking to Expand and innovate.
Our approach
Quickly Adjust our client to the New Reality

Snipeet virtual consulting talents are composed of retail industry experts with skill sets that span the entire digital space. As consumer behaviour continues to shift rapidly and unexpectedly during this pandemic, our strategies focus on improving, digital capabilities across omnichannel and operations.

Artificial Intelligence and Retail Analytics
Snipeet helps clients better leverage their data—and then integrate with retail ecosystems while combining advanced analytics and AI with their data to solve problems all along the value chain, from conceptualization ranging to personalization, pricing, and logistics.

Omnichannel Retail Strategy
Building a unique in-store and online customer experience through Snipeet 360° customer view and digitalization

We take a customer-driven approach to omnichannel strategy design, drawing on our proprietary consumer research techniques and world-class personalization data-science capabilities to support data-driven sales and omnichannel growth strategies.

Shopper’s behaviour and expectations have changed: they are more mobile and connected, and less brand loyal.
Many retailers and brands understand how to leverage a digital strategy when it comes to increasing brand awareness, but few of them have yet set up a real omnichannel strategy.
To set up a true omnichannel relationship with their customers, retailers and brands need to implement major changes:
  • A new IT architecture
  • An adapted change management program
  • A consistent communication plan
  • A new mindset with holistic possibilities to innovation.

Our approach:

Snipeet offers a holistic view that allows clients to attribute, track, and measure the value of investments across all channels. The goal is to optimize each interaction with the customer, delivering a consistent and personalized brand experience, no matter what channel. Combining business and operational expertise, Snipeet assists retailers, consumer goods, and luxury brands in the building and strengthening their digital and omnichannel strategy.

Snipeet can help you:

  • Develop a Snipeet 360° customer view
  • Design a consistent omnichannel path
  • Define a new, agile & adapted IT architecture
  • Conceptualize, Define & implement new services and in-app Features e.g. kerb side pick-up, click & collect, online reservation, mobile payment, loyalty program, etc.
Retailers and brands will achieve a successful digitalization of their customer journey.

Benefits can be multiple:

  • Smoother customer journey and more personalized experience and relationship
  • Increase of omnichannel and loyal customers
  • Increase of turnover and margin with constant perimeter
  • Improvement of main KPI’s: acquisition rate, visiting frequency rate, conversion rate, the attrition rate
  • Acceleration in the development of new services and offers
Retail Operations
We assist retailers and luxury brands on omnichannel sales optimization and transformation projects.

Traditional brick-and-mortar businesses are undergoing a transformation where the physical stores are becoming more of a showroom for customers to experience brands and be inspired.

With e-tailers opening stores and pop-ups or using trucks to reach consumers, the points of sale are shifting. E-tailers are also offering more and more omnichannel services, including extended assortment, higher product availability, and product and experience customization. Delivering the right customer experience with the right product or service at the right time and place—and doing so cost-effectively—has become job number one in 2021. The need for flexibility extends to supply chain partners and other drivers of a multiformat retail experience. With the desired customer experience and economics acting as the North Star, we prioritize the right end-to-end operations use cases, then rapidly mini-test and iterate specific solutions (physical and digital) to improve demand forecasting, product availability, service, and labour planning, inventory management, waste reduction, and more.

Our approach:

Snipeet supports retailers in leading points of sale optimization projects such as:

• Re-engineering (lean management) store processes, opening and maintenance processes

• Support of digital and front-office solutions, both selection and setup

• Points of sale performance analysis thanks to Big Data tools

• Cash management optimization in store

• Store management

• Merchandising plan and floorplan optimization

Impact expected:

Place the Point of Sale at the heart of the omnichannel customer journey and deliver new customized services and advice in order to offer the best customer experience.


• Improved turnover by sqm

• Better customer perception

• Aligned commercial policy and processes

• Improved floor/non-floor efficiency for store teams

• Improved lead time
Offer and category Management
Category management, the concept of managing categories as strategic business units, helps retailers build a sustainable competitive advantage and prioritize investments by taking customer needs into account

From data analysis to local implementation, Snipeet pragmatically supports retailers in their transformation program.
In a highly unstable economy and fierce competition, Category management is about finding out what the consumer wants and providing a better shopping experience than competitors.
With the right category management in place, the customer receives the right assortment offering with optimal prices at the right placements in stores.

Keys drivers for successful category management are:
  • Being consumer-driven
  • Encouraging cooperation between departments
  • Developing relationships with suppliers that are more integrated and effective and less transaction-oriented: more about innovation and value creation for the customer
Improvements in category management represent a huge source of benefits for retailers. By fulfilling all required elements of customer-centric category management, increased sales and profits can be achieved.

Our approach:

Our strong belief is that a successful category management improvement program requires facts analysis, clear guidelines, and structured processes rather than on old habits or intuitions.
Therefore, our approach combines a deep understanding of retail processes, best practices, and Retailer knowledge along with data analysis.

Impact expected:
  • Increased omnichannel sales and turnover by improving customer satisfaction
  • Optimized profitability (supplier negotiation, stock, margin)
  • Stock level optimization in every distribution channel by rationalization and reduction of unsold stock
Cost Optimization
Addressing each element of cost independently, we reset the base on a collection of cost drivers to align operating costs with the retailer’s customer value proposition, providing significant value for key stakeholders. In a shifting retail environment, rigorous trade-offs among cost, service, and experience are essential to this process.
Digital Retail Marketing and Personalization
To help retailers expand their audience and deepen connections with existing customers, we leverage our experience in developing digital marketing capabilities, using AI and other retail technology to drive personalization—the frontier where customers, now more than ever, are won or lost.
Social Impact
Embedding sustainable practices and active social responsibility into retail operations has moved from a side activity to a top priority. We partner with global retailers to ensure that contributions to social and environmental goals—for example, inclusive hiring practices and reduced food waste and plastic packaging—drive business value.
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