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The travel and tourism industry has never faced a shock as swift and destructive as the coronavirus pandemic. Crafting the right strategy now will enable companies to emerge stronger than ever.
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If there’s a silver lining to this crisis, it’s this: travel and tourism companies have the opportunity to think much more boldly about the future—and perhaps act on a once-in-a-generation idea. Companies that move fast and remain flexible in adapting to the COVID crisis stand to gain significant market share and secure their positions.

Fundamentals still matter. Travel and tourism companies need to manage pricing and customer relationships in the short term while retuning their revenue management systems to optimize revenues for economic recovery. But innovation, driven by bold ambitions, will be the real key to strong post-crisis performance.

Travel and tourism are among the most competitive and dynamic industries. As one of the pioneers of digitalization, travel has led the way in personalized marketing, dynamic pricing, and the development of innovative business models such as Uber, Airbnb, and

Snipeet has teams focusing on travel, tourism, and leisure. We help businesses bring innovation to their product, marketing, price, and proposition for strong top-line growth in this heavily competitive market. We deliver pragmatic solutions that are adaptable to changing market conditions. That ensures that our clients can nimbly adjust their strategies and ensure long-term growth

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Our Approach
Travel as we know it may not be coming back, Redesigning product architecture to be more tiered and differentiated, whether for airline fares, train tickets, coaches, or hotel room rates. we are helping the industry come back better than ever.
We have Snipeet talented travel industry experts located throughout the globe.
Ventures and partnerships with critical ecosystem players.
Forward-thinking market research and industry-specific.
Developing digital interfaces (web or mobile app) to maximize cross-selling and upselling through clever marketing and pricing based on buyer psychology and behavioural economics

Developing effective loyalty schemes that maximize Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) and drive incremental revenue growth and make the first step to a more personalized experience in terms of product delivery & price

Developing and implementing dynamic pricing systems and algorithms to change prices on a daily basis accounting for market dynamics and competitive intensity

Designing the right revenue management processes, culture, and organizational structures to maximize revenue growth

Designing actionable customer segmentation models to drive marketing activities and maximize Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)

Developing channel strategies to increase the effectiveness of direct channels while optimizing usage of third-party channels such as aggregators where they are most needed

Optimizing promotional activities throughout the year, and using personalized information to better tailor promotions across the customer journey

Developing marketing effectiveness strategies

Go-to-market strategy: tailoring a channel strategy to a new business line

Gap analysis: identifying strengths and weaknesses in pricing, sales, and the bidding process

Strategic orientation/pricing policy: creating key guidelines of the go-to-market approach

Product development: developing and pricing new products and service offerings

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