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How to Meet New Challenges-and Emerge Stronger Than Ever
Snipeet helps building materials and technology companies dramatically improve pricing and revenue. We also helped companies in other construction industry sectors (including manufacturers, wholesalers, general contractors, and facility and installation services.

We are experts in optimizing price and sales for direct and multi-level distribution systems. We customize solutions to meet our clients’ needs, from packaging strategy, optimizing monetization models, new product launch strategy, value-based customer segmentation, customer loyalty and retention, and online and direct sales support

Forest Products, Paper, and Packaging


Heavy Building Materials
Light Building Materials

Builders’ Merchants
Our approach
Improving pricing, sales processes, and organization

Developing market and channel strategies

Crafting product portfolio and multi-brand strategies

Establishing value-oriented price list architectures and new-product positioning

Creating a performance-oriented price and conditions system in direct and indirect sales

Determining service pricing and price defence

Guiding sales forces on how to sell more effectively

Designing customer loyalty programs for installers/partner programs for wholesalers
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